We plan your competitiveness along with you

Rekord provides targeted solutions in the woodworking tools field , it plans the machining process along with you, and helps you to optimize the productivity of your company and the quality of your door and window frames.

What do you look for in a partner?
Attention, care, consultancy, new and reliable products, and a service as efficient today as it will be in 30 years' time?
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Xylexpo 2014: Rekord alleata della competitività dei serramentisti

Rekord, in seguito all’accordo in esclusiva con Leuco France per la distribuzione dei propri prodotti in Francia e nei paesi francofoni, ha partecipato al Xylexpo 2014 per presentare le proprie soluzioni in quello che continua a rimanere un evento internazionale di riferimento per le tecnologie e le forniture per l’industria del legno.

«Xylexpo ha avuto la capacità di avvicinarsi al mezzo secolo di storia quale unico evento italiano dedicato a questo settore» sottolinea Mario Baldo, co-titolare del Gruppo Rekord e Presidente Utensilieri Acimall.

«Nonostante i visitatori non abbiano raggiunto il numero che ci aspettavamo, i dati ufficiali comunque segnano un più 7,1% rispetto al 2012. Gli organizzatori hanno lavorato molto per offrire agli operatori una piazza funzionale, dove i visitatori e gli operatori internazionali hanno potuto incontrarsi, aggiornarsi e fare business».

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Topfix, more sprint for products and quality

Esperia, expand your competitiveness

Optimum surface finish, longer life for the knives – managed more easily – reduction of costs and increased productivity: these are the advantages of the tools in the TopFix series.

Thanks to the TopFix system the manufacturers of wooden door and window frames can give their customers the quality they have always sought.

Inspired by the philosophy of KlimaHaus, of which it is a partner, and by the principles of biobuilding, Rekord developed Esperia, an integrated project which will help you to:

* make high-performance wooden door and window frames, especially in terms of insulation and soundproofing,
* improve production standards,
* meet your customers' demands for comfort and energy savings,
* obtain EC Marking more easily.


We give form to your ideas

Rekord Engineering is an in-house team of qualified and highly specialized people who are at your side when defining the production cycle, dimensioning the lines and choosing the most suitable tools for making the desired frame.
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Forward-looking solutions

Whether your production is artisan or industrial makes no difference. In both cases Rekord guarantees solutions with a high technological content, to compete in tomorrow's markets.
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We maintain the efficiency of your productivity

Entrusting yourself to Rekord means being able to count on a complete and painstaking after-sales service.
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